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Community Rules

The goals of the Spin Lake community rules are to ensure that all of our residents experience Spin Lake as a safe and enjoyable place to live.

Spin Lakes rules & policies

1. Noxious or offensive activities that become offensive or create an unreasonable annoyance or nuisance to other residents are not permitted. This includes activities on any owned or unowned lots or common areas.


2. No signs or advertisements larger than 18" x 24" shall be displayed or placed on any lot or structure without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors.

3. All household pets shall be kept confined to their owner's property. No animals, other than usual household pets,
 shall be kept or maintained on any lot. This includes horses, goats, donkeys, or any other agricultural animal.

4. Motorized vehicles cannot be parked on within 10 feet of the embankment on any street at any time. Vehicles parked on the road may not remain parked for longer than 30 days,
 whether the lot is owned by the owner of the vehicle or not. All vehicles must be licensed. Failure to comply with parking rules may result in vehicle removal at the expense of the vehicle owner.

5. Lot owners are not permitted to build or permit the building of any model home, exhibit house, or rental unit unless they have obtained prior written permission from the Board of Directors.

6. No temporary house, garage, or other outbuilding shall be placed or erected on any lot. RV trailers and tents may be placed on private lots for enjoyment, not to exceed 45 days in any calendar year.

7. No pier, dock or other structure may extend more than 16 feet into the Lake, and in no event shall any pier, dock or other structure be erected without prior approval of the Board of Directors. Any docks that are installed must be constructed of traditional lumber or marine grade PVC. No other structures shall be allowed to protrude into the lake.

8. Power boating activities on the Lake are limited to electric trolling motors only. No boat shall be equipped with facilities which will discharge any waste materials into the Lake.

9. Fishing regulations are set by the Board of Directors and daily catch limits are posted at the Lake for reference. Only Spin Lake residents and guests accompanied by residents may use the Lake for any purpose including fishing.

10. If a property is rented or sold, the property owner is responsible for payment of annual dues, road fees, snow removal fees, special assessments, and water charges on the property, and compliance with these Community Rules.

11. It is not permitted to burn trash or to accumulate trash on any lot.

12. Hunting and the discharging of firearms are prohibited everywhere in the subdivision. However, trapping is allowed in accordance with the statewide rules and regulations. Residents may not trap animals in the Lake or on any common areas owned by the Association.

13. No person shall be permitted to store construction equipment, semi-truck(s), attached or detached semi-trailers or trailers upon their lot or adjoining lots or subdivision right-of-ways.

14. Any fines or dues that remain unpaid after the due date will become a lien upon that owner's lot. The lien will remain until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Interest charges of 7% per annum will be assessed. Any liens must be paid prior to completing the sale of a lot.

15. Water fees that accumulate for more than 6 months will result in a shut off. Service will be restored when the fees have been paid. If you need to set up a payment plan please contact the Board of Directors.

16. No dwelling, building structure or improvement of any type or any kind may be constructed or placed on any lot in the Development without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors. Please see the Building policies for additional information.

17. Lot owners must obtain Board of Directors' approval before construction of any fence.

18. The owner of each lot shall at all times maintain the lot and any structures in such a manner so as to prevent said lot or structures from becoming unsightly. Specifically, owners shall: Keep the lot free of debris and rubbish; cut down and remove dead trees (or grant the Board permission to remove them);  Keep all trees 15 feet from the road and keep all vegetation within 3 feet of the road less than 12 inches high; Prevent the existence of any other condition that reasonably diminishes the aesthetic appearance of the lot.

19. In the event that a lot owner fails to maintain any lot or building, the Association has the right to complete any maintenance as may be reasonably necessary to comply with community standards. The Board cannot begin this process until at least 30 days after written notice has been given to the lot owner. Any costs incurred by the maintenance efforts are the responsibility of the lot owner and are subject to liens on the lots if left unpaid.

20. No tree four inches or larger in diameter may be removed from any lot that is not occupied by a home without first having obtained the consent of the Board of Directors.

21. No pole barns shall be constructed on any lot. The building committee will take into consideration requests for a variance on an individual basis, and Members will have the right to appeal the decision to the Board of Directors.

21. An easement over and across the first fifteen feet adjacent to any road or street is given to the Association for improving or widening any road or for the furnishing of utilities and/or services generally using such right-of-way.

22. LAKEFRONT LOT OWNERS ONLY: The Association pays for the annual upkeep of the lake. Residents are NOT permitted to treat lake water with any chemicals without Board approval. A property owner who wishes to have the water in front of his/her lakefront property treated for weeds by the Association, must contact the Association writing between April 1 and May 1 each year to request treatment. A flat fee will be assessed based on current treatment costs. Payment must be made in advance by May 1. If payment is not received in advance the treatment request becomes void. Property lines must be clearly marked at the water’s edge prior to June 1 and left in place until after the treatment is completed. Marking of lots is the Member’s responsibility. Should a Member fail to properly mark his/her lot by June 1, that lot will not be treated, and the payment for treatment will be refunded.

23. All motor vehicles shall be operated in a safe and prudent manner and shall only be operated by licensed drivers. The speed limit is 20 miles per hour on all association roads. The registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for the operation of the motor vehicle.

24. No Motor Vehicle, ATV, Snowmobile, Moped or other recreational vehicle shall be operated by anyone under the age of 16, nor shall any property owner allow such use by a member of their household or guest under the age of 16. A first violation of this section will result in a notice being sent by certified and regular mail or personally served from the Board of Directors. A second violation of this section will result in a notice advising that legal action may results from any further violations.

25. No ATV, Snowmobile, Moped or other unlicensed recreational vehicle shall be operated on Association roads or Association property by anyone 16 years of age or older unless the user has obtained approval by the Board and complies with the following:

  1. Provide proof of insurance showing the applicant as the insured party, and the Spin Lake Homeowner’s Association as an additional insured.

  2. Provide proof of minimum liability insurance coverage of $500,000.00.

  3. Pay a $5.00 Annual Registration fee per applicant/authorized user.

  4. Sign a waiver and acceptance of liability and agree to be bound by the Declaration of Restrictions.

  5. Has not violated community rules within the last 24 months.

  6. Do not exceed a speed of 20 miles per hour on any Association road or Association property.

  7. Drive in a safe and responsible manner

  8. Follow all manufacturer’s recommendations for proper usage of the motorized vehicle.

  9. Visibly display their authorized permit on the vehicle

  10. Prevent unauthorized users from operating the vehicle on Association roads or Association property.

  11. Avoid noise pollution as noted below

  12. Violations of any of the above policies may results in a cancelled permit

26. No person shall operate an off-road vehicle that is loud or raucous, that annoys, disturbs, injures, endangers, or causes an interference with the private use and enjoyment of personal and/or Association property. Further, off-road vehicles are not permitted to travel in repetitious, circuit-like routes or tracks. All motor vehicles must be equipped with an adequate muffler or other sound dissipative device. The Association may issue a written warning to any person or property owner found to be in violation of noise pollution policies. Failure to comply may results in legal action with the Circuit Court of McLean County.

27. The above rules have been adopted by a majority vote of participating Members and can be amended also by a majority vote. Any proposed amendments will be communicated to residents prior to the date of the vote. Please contact us at if you have questions or concerns about community rules.

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