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spin lake fees

Monthly & Annual Fees

Please make checks payable to Spin Lake. All payments can be dropped in the Spin Lake mailbox (from the Blackfoot Pass entrance, turn left on Arrowhead Lane. It is the second mailbox on the left and is marked "Spin Lake"). 

Residents and property owners may choose to pay fees monthly, quarterly, or according to the billing schedule detailed below.

Single monthly payment:

Single quarterly payment:


Single payment options include road fees, water fees and annual membership dues. Snow removal fees are billed separately (see below).

The breakdown of fees is as follows:

Membership Dues:

$220.00 annually (+$30 for each additional lot)

* Annual dues are billed June 1st.

* Dues for additional lots are not included in the single monthly/quarterly payment options.

* Lots that are contiguous and share ONE tax ID number are billed as a single lot. Lots with separate ID numbers can be combined into one lot. Contact the Office of Assessments in Bloomington for more information on this process.

Road Maintenance Fees:

$125.00 semi-annually (or $250.00 annually)

Lot Owners $75.00 semi-annually (or $150.00 annually)

* Road fees are billed on March 1st and August 1st.

* If you are a property owner only (meaning there is not a home on your lot) the fee is $75.00 semi-annually.

Water Fees:

$60.00 per month ($180/quarter, $360 semi-annual, or $720 annual)

* You may also pay for water quarterly ($180), semi-annually ($360), or annually ($720).

* If your home has a pool with a filter an additional fee of $60 per year applies. In-ground pools carry an additional water charge. Please contact us for more information if your lot has a pool or you plan to install a pool.

Snow Removal (not included in monthly/quarterly payment option):

Assessed in $40 increments as needed

* Snow removal fees are dependent on snow accumulation. In a typical year there are one or two snow fees needed to cover plowing and salting costs. Occasionally additional fee assessments are needed. The Spin Lake Board votes on whether an additional fee will be needed to cover costs through the end of the snowy season. Residents are notified when a snow removal fee is added.

Water Reports

  • We are required to provide all residents with the annual water quality report.

  • Consumer Confidence Report (Illinois Environmental Protection Agency)

Spin Lake Annual Report: January 1 - December 31, 2019
Spin Lake Annual Report: January 1 - December 31, 2018
Spin Lake Annual Report: January 1 - December 31, 2017

(Note: If you click this file and it does not open, you may need to install the Acrobat Reader. You can also access the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency website to view the current Consumer Confidence Report).

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